Backpage founders have become political donors in Arizona as allegations increase


Addicts say they are trapped in a vicious cycle of dependence (also published in The Arizona Republic)

Lawsuit claims Havasupai students are deprived of ‘basic general education’ 

Powerful synthetic opioid fentanyl makes a deadly mark in Arizona

Mohave County Trump voters positive about president’s first three weeks

Foster parents adapt to tougher DCS safety regulations, worry that it could deter prospective parents

Donald Trump elected 45th president of the United States


School takeovers leave parents without a voice in education

The culmination of an eight-month long investigation, I lead a team in examining state takeovers of school districts. We traveled to New Orleans, Mississippi, Arkansas and Michigan to speak to community members affected by these kinds of takeovers. And, after making over 100 records requests, we also found that 5.6 million people live in places where a state has taken over a school or school district in the past six years. Republished by NBC News, The Hechinger Report and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Project the winner of the 2016 Investigative Reporters & Editors award in the student reporting category. 

(Lily Altavena/News21)

(Lily Altavena/News21)

From the Democratic National Convention: Puerto Rican delegates talk about their voting rights

(Lily Altavena/News21)

(Lily Altavena/News21)


Fight or Flight: An Arizona Teacher’s Dilemma 



Cover Story: Food Fight–When County Health Inspections Go BadFullSizeRender

La Cruda: Phoenix’s Only Brick-And-Mortar Clamato Shop Explains Its Signature Drink

How Four Peaks Brewery Fights the Valley’s Hard Water

Six Things to Eat and Drink in Detroit

Maricopa County Ditches Food Service Workers Card


The Secret Industry That Meddles With Your Medications

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 9.47.26 PM

Degrees (Without the Work) For Foreign Students at a North Dakota University

4 out of 5 Community College Students Want to Transfer, Says Report

When a Part-Time Job Is Your Extracurricular Activity

When Chronic Illness Interrupts the Rhythms of College

Creating Your Own Major: From ‘Keeping it Real’ to ‘Grand Romantic Gestures’


New Meat Coming Through: How ‘Mean Girls’ Explains the 113th Congress

It’s Not Just Steubenville: Rape is a Bigger Problem Than You Think

What Non-Techies Should Know About Aaron Swartz

Screen Shot 2012-11-15 at 5.51.12 PM


Hurricane Sandy: Students Forced to Relocate from Dorms


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