That’s a Bummer*

Negativity has a special place in my heart. It’s the place I go to when I’m pissed off, when I’ve had a bad day, when I’ve trudged through rain in my brand new flip flops, consistently losing the left one, forcing me to touch the bare New York City ground with my foot (pretty sure I have Mad Cow Disease now…because that’s how it’s transmitted). Anyways, I go to that place, and bitch and moan, then continue on with my life, having sufficiently bitched it out… this doesn’t happen often, but it happens (several friends and my stepdad are now rolling their eyes.) But I don’t spend every waking moment entrenched in a monologue of consistent melo-dramatic anguish. Even Tiny Tim had a pretty positive demeanor and the kid was in crutches all the time.

As of late, there have been several negative Nancys in my life. When you talk to these people, you would think that they’re Ke$ha’s sex slave (girl is crazzzy). It’s a consistent stream of angst that rivals the Xanga I wrote in the eighth grade (“I want to take that doubt, and that bluntness and throw it back into their ignorant faces”- Lily, June of ’04- YOU GO GIRL.) I can never tell if it’s a confidence thing- if there’s too much or not enough. Maybe their world just revolves around themselves? Perhaps? Yes. Okay. Good answer.

To the left is actually my Xanga pic. I’ll give you a moment to be impressed by the  stars and Chantal Kreviazuk lyrics.

And, after an inordinately long amount of time being around these particular people  (in class, around the office, wherever else they may be )…I am so. freaking. sick. of.  this. shit. But, actually. I think that there is a fine line between venting and being a  shrill, redundant harpy (or harp-o). I’d like to think that most people are pretty  positive…Myself included. Bad things will happen- I’m not going to lecture you on  what life is “about,” you can read one of my MySpace notes for that. But for gods sakes, all bitching will do is make your face all oily, thus causing acne, thus causing whining, thus becoming a VICIOUS CYCLE. I think that caps locks helps me prove my point. Don’t be a mellow harsher.

Ways to deal with a bad mood: hang out with your friends, take a bike ride, take a chill pill (no, not Xanax, Scottsdale readers), find a puppy and play with it, watch some YouTube, read my blog, take a nap, eat some chocolate, use an ice cube (oh wait, that’s for a Cosmo article I’m writing “100 ways to please your man: redundancy sells!)

*Boner cruncher, downer, mellow-harsher, negative Nancy, Debbie Downer, etc. You can @lilyalta to contribute to this list.


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